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Village Merchants (V.M.) is your local consignment store where you agree to sell your goods in exchange for a percentage of the selling price. You have the option to receive cash, store credit, or a monthly consignment check.

We accept furniture, rugs, art, house-wares, clothing, toys, books, movies, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, kitsch, knick- knacks and more! All items must be clean and in working condition. Clothing must be in season & like new.

We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods. We do not inventory your items but we do carefully track your items when they sell.

All items sold at Village Merchants are sold ‘as is’. There are no returns or exchanges.

Our Policies

Same Day Drop Off
We accept same day drop offs M-Sat, 10am – 4pm of one grocery-sized bag or box. A few miscellaneous items such as large artwork, lamps, or odd sized items that won’t fit in a bag or box are welcome too. We appreciate it when you drop off your items early in the day.

Scheduled Appointment
Appointments are scheduled M-F 10am – 4pm. Appointments are made by phone or in person. Bring no more than three boxes or three bags in addition to a few larger items (lamps, household appliances, dining room chairs, etc).

Big Items
When you have items larger than a dining room chair you need to send in a photo with dimensions for approval. Send in photos to

We price your items to sell at resale market value. Feel free to discuss special pricing issues. Occasionally we may lower or raise the price of items after closer inspection.

Your Options For Selling Items At Village Merchants

We buy at 30% of our market value, paid immediately. Payouts over $40 will be paid by check.

You receive 40% of our market value, only to be used in the store. Trade credit expires if not used in one year. Trade is available immediately.

Payouts are monthly on the day of your choosing. Any consignment balances are always  available to be used for purchases.
• Goods that sell under $50 you receive 40%.
• $50 – $99.99 payout = 50%
• $100 and over, payout = 60%
• Handcrafted items by you, payout = 60%

Sale Policy
Consignments are subject to go on sale after 30 days. Re-pricing is at our discretion. If they still have not sold after another 30 days they are marked down again. We will continue this pattern until sold unless you want to retrieve your item which you can do at any time.

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